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Registration will be done on a per user basis upon payment of a registration fee. Users should register for an account at the LCM website and send an approved eRequest with complete chartfield information to the LCM Core Manager.

Registered users will be allowed to schedule time on the PALM Microbeam for tech supported laser capture.


Training will be provided to registered users when requested. Charges are on a per person basis and are available in the “Fees” section of the web site. Three training sessions, each of two-hour duration, will be given. Time and location of the training sessions will be at the discretion of the LCM Core. All fees must be paid before training.

Only trained users will be allowed to schedule and use the PALM Microbeam instrument independently.

If a trained user has not used LCM equipment within the past 6 months, then he/she will need to go through a short "re-training" by reserving 2hr of tech supported LCM time. Within this time, the LCM core staff will go through with the user the basic operational procedures again (1hr) followed by user demonstration of proficiency to the LCM staff(1hr).

Use of Equipment:

The instrument and room should be left clean and operational after use. All instrument settings are to be left in the standard configuration. Time required for clean up and/or reconfiguration may be billed to the user.

If any troubleshooting is required for the instrument the user should contact the LCM Core technician on duty or the LCM Core manager immediately.

Any damage to the instrument may be billed to the user or Principal Investigator.

Only registered users are allowed in the LCM Core rooms 345 and 345A in the BRT. Unregistered users may be allowed at the discretion of the Director.

Except the PALM Microbeam all other instruments are for use only by the LCM Core personnel.


Users are expected to bring all consumables needed. This includes but is not limited to: membrane slides, collection caps and tubes, staining material, processing and fixation solutions, extraction and collection buffers, etc.

Users are expected to bring their own supplies for storing laser-captured material.


Users can schedule the LCM instrument according to their access level. Normal users can schedule Tech supported laser capture while trained users will be able to schedule the instrument during general access hours (10:00AM to 4:00PM). After hours usage will be at the discretion of the LCM Core Director.

Any cancelation must be made 24 hours prior to avoid being charged for the time reserved.

Payment / Billing:

All payments must be made using the eRequest system implemented from March 2011. Users must bring a printed copy of the approved eRequest along with a filled request form prior to any work done at the LCM Core. We are unable to accept 100Ws any further.

Samples/ Hazardous Materials:

No infectious material may be used in the LCM Core.

Data Storage:

Users are responsible for their own data.

All data must be transferred to user supplied portable media within 24 hours.

All data should be stored in separate folders bearing the name of the Principal Investigator.


Users are requested to acknowledge the Laser Capture Molecular Core at The Ohio State University in publications that have utilized the LCM Core facilities.

 Get $100 Credit Towards Your LCM Core Use Fees

In the METHODS section of your manuscript, please cite: “Laser capture microdissection and subsequent analysis was performed at the Laser Capture Molecular Core of The Ohio State University Medical Center”. Submission of any reprint (email of pdf preferred) containing the above-text to the core director will result in a $100 credit that may be used for LCM core use within the next 30 days.